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9/10/21 Building Updates

  • Room 3 has been abated and has passed the air sampling for asbestos

  • Room 3 was then tested for mold and the results came back positive.  We are waiting for the final report to determine our next steps.

  • The infant/office space has not been worked on yet

    • LAPS is working on finding a contractor to rip up the flooring so the asbestos tiles underneath can be assessed

    • The source of the mold is still undetermined in this space

  • The bunker/office is up and running so don't forget to stop by and say hello!

Important Building Information


We’re having property issues from rainwater and unfortunately, these issues will prevent Little Forest from opening this week.  April and Tiff are working hard to ensure we’re able to open on Monday, August 16th.  


This is our path forward to reopening:


  • The state approved a waiver to allow the staff to use porta potties

  • Infant Room, Room 3, and the office are closed until maintenance is complete (completion date TBD)

  • Infants and 2A will be in Room 2 on one side and 2B will be on the other side

  • Kids from Room 3 will be divided into Room 1 and 2B

  • Some Room 1 kids have been moved to Room 4

  • April and Tiff will send an email later this week with room assignments

  • A temporary office will be set up, but until that happens April and Tiff will be working outside and in the classroom, so they may also have limited access to the office line

  • Updated COVID guidelines will be sent along with the updated room assignments later this week


As the school year starts you’ll see the maintenance crew working, at this point we don’t have a lot of details regarding timeline, but we’re confident in the path forward and as always we’ll work to ensure our kids and families are happy and safe. We’ll continue to send updates as we have them.  We’re working closely with LAPS, who is managing the maintenance.  Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions. 


Thank you for sticking through this difficult time with us!


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