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It takes a village to raise a child.

- African Proverb

Little Forest Board of Directors:

The Board is made up of two parent representatives, five members-at-large, the Executive Director (ED), and the Business Manager.


Current Board Members:

  • Executive Director – April Wade

  • Business Manager – Claire Ayraud

  • President – Andy Morello, Parent Representative

  • Vice President – Vacant

  • Secretary - Vacant

  • Parent Representative – Matt Bergren

  • Parent Representative – Amanda Neukirch

  • Member-at-Large - Vacant

Little Forest Board Structure

Join our Board! We are in need of two community members at large to join our board. Learn more about our board structure here, how you can apply to join, and what committees you may be interested in joining. 

Parent Volunteer Opportunities: Parent volunteers are in need to assist with committee operations. Learn more about how you can help!

Andy morello


Joined Fall 2021

Info about Andy to come...



Interested? Please email the board at

matt (2).jpg
matt bergren

Joined Spring 2023

Matt is a proud parent of his two children currently attending Little Forest Playschool, Kanti (4 years old) and Miles (2 years old). Matt and his wife Heather moved to Los Alamos in 2015 when Matt joined UbiQD, an advanced materials startup that spun out of LANL. He currently serves as the Chief Product Officer at UbiQD where he leads development of new products that utilize nanomaterials to better utilize sunlight for food and renewable energy. Matt also serves on the board of directors for UbiQD as well as a New Mexican organization called the New Mexico Energy Manufacturing Institute. Matt's passion for kids, the outdoors, and learning is well aligned with Little Forest's mission and he is excited at the opportunity to serve on its board.

headshot (2).jpg
amanda neukirch

Joined Spring 2023

Amanda Neukirch lives with her husband Levi, their 6.5 year old daughter Isabelle (LFP alum), their 4 year old son Nathan (LFP student), their cat possum, and various fish, shrimp, and bugs in an aquarium and terrarium in Los Alamos. She is a staff scientist in the Theoretical Physics and Chemistry Group at LANL. Her kids have been attending LFP since May 2018, and became part of the board in Jan. 2023.


2 Member-at-Large Positions

Interested? Please email the board at

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