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Support the new Los Alamos Co-op Park!

Little Forest Parents,

I am so excited to tell you about an amazing opportunity that LFP has to make a difference in our community! Little Forest Playschool has joined with some other wonderful cooperatives in Los Alamos to create the Co-OP Park as part of Keep It Co-Op! Locally, our Keep it Co-Op members include: Los Alamos Schools Credit Union, Del Norte Credit Union, Little Forest Playschool, Zia Credit Union, Los Alamos Co-Op Market, and Bathtub Row Brewing Co-Op. The Co-Op Park will be in the green space in the northeast corner of the new Los Alamos Schools Credit Union facility located on Central Avenue. This space aims to provide a sense of community that is much needed after this past year. The Park will also have live performances, a space for food vendors and include a community garden that will be designed by LFP and the food Co-Op. This garden will be an amazing opportunity for the students to get involved with the project as well! Co-Op Park will officially open on July 3, 2021, which is World Co-Op Day. But we are now launching a GoFundMe campaign to cover some of our construction costs for this monumental undertaking. You can find more information at: Please take a few moments to check out this opportunity and consider making a donation to make the Co-Op Park a wonderful new addition to our community in Los Alamos! I have attached more information to this email. Please reach out to me at with any questions you may have! Sincerely, Ashley O’Malley LFP Board Secretary

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